Solar Charging with AC200p not working

I have ac200P with 2 SP200 solar panels. I have had them running smoothly for about 2 months. Now within the past week I am getting no solar charge at all. Nothing has changed, panels not touched, no inclement weather, no rain, snow, wind, just sun. The panels have not moved. I checked everything. Any suggestions?

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First, are you getting a voltage reading displayed on the AC200 display screen? If not, are you getting voltage out of the panels themselves before being connected to anything?

If no voltage from the panels, I would suspect a loose or bad connection in the MC4 connections. This is usually resolved by disconnecting and firmly reconnecting.

If you have 35+ volts and it is being displayed on the AC200 display screen then I would check to verify that the settings screen has PV selected and not Car by mistake.


Hi bwest51,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please check if the solar panels are damaged;
check if they are connected correctly;
check if the PV mode was chosen when you charge the unit with solar panels.
It would be much better if you could provide a video showing the the process for us to analyze.

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