Solar charging will not work eb-3a

New eb3a when i try to charge using a 100watt renogy panel,nothing happens

A man sent a text message stating my leg doesn’t work. The doctor replied back that he had no idea without additional needed knowledge to make an educated guess.

Hi @Billy0951

Can you share with us the exact model of you solarpanel? Did you try a different cable? / do you use the Bluetti cable to charge?

Please provide us with some additional informations and we are love to help you!


@Billy0951 You can use a multimeter to test the voltage of the solar panel to check if the solar panel works.

100 watt renogy panel, putting out 20 volts checked with a multi meter and using the supplied solar cable from bluetti.

Did you plug the panel cable connector into the EB3a? If so was the panel in full unobstructed sunlight? You can have voltage at the cable and then once plugged into a load the voltage will no longer be present if you do not have the solar panel exposed to clear, bright, unobstructed sunlight. A picture of your set up would do wonders for providing assistance. It is also possible the polarity of the solar panel does not match the bluetti. Lastly and more likely…does your renogy panel have an attached charge controller and then you are connecting your cable to that? If so, the panel connections need to directly connect to the bluetti without going through the charge controller.

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@Billy0951 May I have the SN and the firmware version to check more details?

Thanks for the help Scott

Thanks for all of the assistance especially Scott who got my leg working again. I did manage to get it charging via solar

What did you find was the issue that resulted in no solar charging? Glad to hear your leg is doing better.

Well, I plugged into AC charge port,when it started to charge,took a few minutes to start, i then hooked up solar panel to its charge port. After a few minutes i unplugged the AC and JUOLA it was charging. Tried unp!uggimg and replugging several times and it charged.

See the leg works great.

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