Solar Charging problem

I have a 120 W Solarpanel and usually I get around 100 watts in direct sun light.

But when some clouds are coming the eb3a doesnt charge anymore. It shows 0 watts as input power.

It looks like the eb3a will only start charging when it receives at least 10 watts. Is there maybe a new firmware version to fix it?

Thank you!

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  1. Check the correct horizontal and vertical angles of your solar panel and orientation, of course
  2. If not enough power input, try overpaneling
  3. To increase the charging range, install a capacitor as described

Yesterday, i just bought a capacitor and installed it on my cable, close to the powerstation.
Now, i can charge longer and better ; in low light and more W in input

@DaterTheAndroid I’m sorry there is no suitable firmware. In addition to the input voltage, it also depends on whether there is current. If the sunlight is too bad, the solar panel has almost no current input to the machine, and it will not charge the EB3A.