Solar Charging my new Bluetti AC200P

I recently received my new Bluetti AC200P and two 190 Watt HQST solar panels.

Since the HQSTsolar panels only produce 24.3 Voc each I connected them in series.
I connected the two panels to the Mc4 solar charging cable (Mc4 to XT90). Then connected that cable to the supplied XT90 to Aviation plug cable, then into the Bluetti PV input.

Since the Bluetti was fully charged, I plugged in an AC heater and drained the current charge to around 95%.

I then changed the settings to the PV charging option.

The solar panels were not fully in the sun and not directly pointing at the sun, but the 380 total capability of charging should have at least produced 100 watts. However, all it would produce is 2-8 watts. The volts were about 44 and the amps were .1.

The Bluetti AC200P was outside beside the solar panels and it was about 25 degrees outside.

I am very disappointed with the Bluetti charging capability, is there something I am doing wrong?

I’m a solar newbie, but from other post I’ve read Its possible that the ac200p was to cold, and from my own experience a single panel that i have rated at 370 watts- 40+volts only draws a few watts early in the morning dawn when panel is facing the sun. I live in a cold region and keep my ac200p inside and made a 50ft 10g extension cord with xt 90 fittings that are all easy to buy on Amazon. Hope this helps Good luck. ps once the full sun is out my unit works great just like you have yours configured

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Thanks for the reply.
I tried again today with the temps in the upper 30s, and the unit received up to 77 watts.

I hope to have a 20’ extension cable in soon, so I can keep the unit inside.

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One other thing you need to consider other than the temp is that you say you only drained the batteries down to about 95%. All Sogens slow their rate of charge as they approach the upper end of their charging cycle. Solar panel alignment is critical as is clear full sun. Lastly make absolutely certian that not any portion of any panel is shaded in any way. Partial shading will affect the whole group and shading a tiny portion affects the output way out of proportion to the amount of the panel shaded.


Thank you Scott.
Very good information.

I’ve also heard that the length of the wire affects the wattage. I use the bare minimum and do really well with my panels.