Solar Charging AC200Max Question

I am going to need another PV350 for my AC200Max (bringing the total to two PV350’s), but I also need a solar panel for panel to charge my EB3A (…likely a PV200).

I’m very new at this, so I’m just wondering is there a way I can deploy the PV200 with the PV350’s to charge the AC200Max?

Hi @VoxMan , Sorry, different models of solar panels cannot be connected together to PV charge the machine due to different internal circuits.

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@BLUETTI thank you for the detailed response!

You can however use the PV350 to charge your EB3a if desired as the EB3a will only allow a max of 8 amps input. The most you will be able to input to the EB3a will be around 160 watts due to the 8 amp limitation so a 200 or one of your 350’s will work well.

You could also purchase another 350 and use three of them with your 200 Max if desired and if you have perfect sun and perfect conditions you could connect two of the 350s to the PV port and the third to the AC charging brick input port via a DO50s voltage enhancer for max input.

I would thing however, if you had three 350 panels connected in series to your 200 max you would be good to go with all three connected in series to the PV port.

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That’s awesome @Scott-Benson ! That was EXACTLY what I needed to know!

Great information!

@Scott-Benson - the OCV of the PV350 is 47.5 volts - while the EB3A shows 12-28 VDC max of solar input.

Will the EB3A’s 8.5 amps also regulate the max voltage?

As you can tell from the question, I have very little experience with this - just trying to understand!

No, your panel cannot have a greater voltage than the maximum input voltage spec. Damage will occur and your charging circuit will no longer function if you exceed the voltage limit

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So then I should NOT use the PV350 on the EB3A, right?

Not if it exceeds the input voltage limits printed on the outside of the eb3a

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Thanks @Scott-Benson !