Solar charge not working eb-3a

Hello there, found several post with this issue, but still not seen a good feedback from @bluetti.

eb-3a here, was working well with 2 different solar panels 100w and 20w one.

after app/ firmware update is not working anymore. tested with a 12v DC power supply and it draws 6/7w form the same port.

ac charging is working fine, just the solar charging has issue ( keep getting low voltage error message ).

below photo of current fw i stalled and spec of one solar panel ( that is working properly with one of you competitor product… ).

pending for a reply, also contacting Cs

anyone from bluetti can feedback? :)

@bluetti_mageta90gmailcom Welcome to the forum! So is your 100w panel working with the eb3a? The 20w panel is pretty small and just might not be producing enough current for the mppt to work properly? You could also test the eb3a dc/pv input plug by connecting a car charging cable into a vehicles 12v cigarette plug to see if the eb3a charges from that… should give you around 80-100watts. This would help determine if the input is faulty on the eb3a or if its something to do with the panels/connection you’re using.

@bluetti_mageta90gmailcom May I know the SN of the EB3A, then we can check if there is firmware for updating.

I suspect the 21w panel may be too small to register. Try the larger panel.
There was a known issue where the EB3A needs a larger current to begin charging but can charge with less once it got started, this makes it hard to charge on really cloudy days even with larger panels. The solution was to add a capacitor across the terminals of the DC input (I forgot what size though). That solution may enable you to charge from the smaller panel.