Solar breaker rating needed

I am installing 4 ecoworthy 130 watt panels 2S2P config. into my D050s charger to my AC200Max. Each panel is 24.5VOC and 6.16amp ISC.
What would be the proper size breaker to install between panels and AC200max? would 20 amp be the proper size?
Appreciate the help.

@jespo27 You could have connected the 4 solar panels directly in series and then charge AC200Max without adding an extra D050S.

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I have 5 bluetti 200watt panels that i put to pv input, this 2S2P was to add additional four 130watt panels from rv roof to the D050S for max solar through both charge points.and wanted to know if breaker is required from roof panels.

20 amp should be fine

Thank you, i appreciate your info