Solar and Grid simultaneously, Solar as priority 1 power source. (for Home Lab)

Is it possible to prioritize and use Solar and grid inputs simultaneously? For example, Solar Panel power is #1; if this is insufficient, it will use an AC outlet (grid) to provide missing power. (for example, cloudy or rainy days) And battery back would be used for power outages.

For Example, Home servers are taking 800W. Solar produces 500W and 300W from AC (grid).

I want to run my home servers on Solar Power as much as possible during the day. At night time, it could use a Grid.

Has anyone done this, and could you provide proof? I have not yet seen any evidence that Bluetti can do this. I was thinking of buying BLUETTI AC300 + B300. And connect 3x LG440QAC-A6 Solar Panels

Hi @thinker , we can do this with our AC300 in the situation you mentioned. You can set PV Priority UPS Mode on AC300 machine: In this mode, PV solar energy will be mainly used to power the system and the grid will only charge/discharge to the set SOC value.

Thank you. What about AC 500?