So quiet can hardly hear the unit

Absolutely amazing how quiet the ac180 and ac60 are. Virtually no noise from them, only time the fans kick in is when they are under a bigger load. Only to cool down. What’s your experience of other devices.


Yea I’m with you! The upgraded fans on these units are fantastic!!


Hey @Ktt

Cant speak for the AC180 but for the AC70 and AC2A. The fans are really quiet but im not a really big admirer of the fan control. Its clearly bound to the output power, instead of temperature controlled. If you have a load which is not draw a constant power, the fan go always up and down. Thats a thing which can be really improved in my eyes. There where other powerstations before that handle it better.

The Fans of the AC70 starts about close to 100W and the AC2A Fans about 40W for what i see.

Wish you much fun with your units!


My old school AC200 has fan control based on temperature and / or load. It worked and continues to work well.


Also just realised the ac180 was in a confined space and that was making g the Fan come on. Positioned it better to allow more air flow now the fan isn’t coming on. So even better now. Also loving look and feel of the unit. Just an all round great unit.

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