Smoke came from ac200max. Almost burned down RV if not unplugged

Ac200max charging port was smoking and causing a weird burning plastic smell in my rv. The input was plugged all the way in and the unit was charging however the port was to hot for me to touch. And once it cooled down itmelted into my power station and now i cant seem to even detach it. I contacted bluetti but they still wont respond. Is this a common issue among other power stations? Does the port for the ac wall charger just melt off constantly.

Mind you i went through 2 chargers (warranty)

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@Bluettingr I am sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please provide me with the order number and I can help you to go through the warranty?

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Hi @Bluettingr
This can happen when the plug isnt fully inserted and kinda loose. The contact to the Plug and the resistance is that high that it get really hot.

When using in a rv, check if the plug is still fully inserted befoure start charging. Just for your next unit ;)



That wasnt meant to be mean… it just look like this and i wanna give you that advice to check if its really fully pluged in. No reason to offend me ;)