Smart Home Panel unavailable indefinitely

G’day all,
I emailed the sales department in China about the availability of the Bluetti Smart Home Panel. The unfortunate response I got back was,
" The distribution box of our company is not certified, and it is very expensive, we do not promote it at present.
I’ll let you know as soon as the company starts promoting it."

That begs the question, how to successfully connect the AC300 to your home without taking the DIY route?

With so many posts in these forums about this, I was wondering, would it be possible to connect the AC300 to the Ecoflow Smart Home Panel? The only thing that might need to be DIYed would be the cable that connects them. I’m sure there are other ways to connect to the house. Does anyone here have a success story that doesn’t involve shorting their Bluetti rig?
Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places in the forum, but all I can find are the same concerns that I have when choosing an ATS and breaker box with floating or non floating neutral.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me here. I’m no electrical engineer, so keep it simple.


The Bluetti Smart Home Panel is nothing special. It is a neutral switching transfer switch. It has no intelligence built in and requires you to manually switch the power over. Therefore you can use any neutral switching transfer switch such as the Generac HomeLink or Reliance X-Series.

Even the EcoFlow’s version is nothing special and I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

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Thanks for that mate. I was wondering, do you know if there is such a beast that has a sub 20ms automatic switch with a 6 or 10 breaker panel combined? I would like to have the switch go to battery at night or during a blackout and charge during the day.
I guess Bluetti marketing should be taken with a grain of salt. The website lists their panel as a “Smart Home Panel” but you’re telling me it is a manual switch? Also they state “Whole Home Back-up”. But only if you buy stuff from other vendors to complete the setup. So really it’s “Some Appliances Back-up” instead.


In order to get <20ms cut over you would probably have to build your own system. Do you have a few circuits or devices that you’re trying to keep online? I have several electronics that I put a CyberPower UPS on that keeps everything power while the AC300 fails over

My entire house is a “smart house” If you can call it that. All bulbs are Philips Hue, Samsung Smartthings hub, cameras, cable modem, WiFi, clocks, Google Homes etc etc. These are the items I am wanting to run off the AC300 at night when I am not producing solar. Hence, the reason I want a sub 20ms automatic switch. If the power flickers, everything in my house powers down and back up again. I need a breaker panel that can run all the lights and power outlets at night and during a power outage with an automatic switch to do the switching when needed/wanted.


We’re pretty much in the same boat. The majority of my house is also smart home devices. Unfortunately the AC300 fails over in 40ms if the grid power goes out. I need to check to see if that effects my devices, as I have CyberPower UPS’ running my smart home hubs, switches, etc… so they keep everything online.

I think the bigger issue you’ll have is when the power comes back on. By design the AC300 will disconnect power for a second when it senses power. (I believe it’s does so to match the grid phases).

If you absolutely need <20ms then look at adding a Victron Multiplus II between your AC300 and transfer switch. This will both keep your sensitive electronics online, but will inject it’s own power as needed.

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