Smart Home Panel questions

I have received a few months back the Smart Home Panel. weeks later i had it installed only to find out the unit did not come with a needed communications cable. I had the fusion box pro also ordered that had a communications cable. Here is my question will this com cable work with the smart home Panel as well or is it different. As currently i am unable to set my units into split phase mode. Thank you for your thoughts.

Hi @BigApple , The smart home panel is not equipped with communication cable. Smart home panel and fusion box can be used as either one, both can be connected to 240V split phase mode. You mean you already have the communication cable, right?
communication cable

What is the model you have? Once confirmed, we can send you a diagram of how to connect the machine to the split phase mode.

Hello I have the Communication cable from the smart fusion pro unit. I am only using the comm cable… and trying to use it in connection with the smart home panel. The cable you show is sold out on your website. The Slave button on my second unit is greyed out. It only shows the master button as solid.

Hi @BigApple , The home panel and fusion box can be used by choosing one of them. What model are you using? Can you show us how you connected it via video? That way we can quickly pinpoint the problem. Thanks in advance for your cooperation