Smart home panel for ac200max

It would be great to have a breaker panel for the ac200max

@Onesdman You can use the AC300 adapted sub-panel.
A TT30 to NEMA L14-30 conversion cable is also needed to connect AC200MAX to the sub-panel, and then a transfer switch to separate the grid input from the machine output. AC200Max charging can only be wall-charged with an adapter, though.


Thank for the information ! This sounds like a good solution

@BLUETTI_CARE @BLUETTI The item you’re speaking of is ths AC300 Smart Home Panel correct?

Using the same sub panel diagram, for the AC200Max, we would just need to have a separate NEMA 5-15 socket to recharge the battery from grid? This would be fine and not cause the unit to “pop” and blow as per other threads I’ve read?

If I’m understanding correctly, the neutral would switch over to the sub-panel/transfer switch and would be isolated from it to prevent damage?