Sluggish support responses anyone?

I’ve attempted to use two means to contact Bluetti support with a question.

  1. online chat on the site - always unavailable / no response
  2. email to - dust bunnies

Doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies about spending $ on a B230 or two …

Anyone else with the same story, or better yet a solution?


Same issue here (plus calls always go to voicemail with no response) over a week with no response. I’ve spent ~$20k on a system that isn’t working and they don’t respond. I’m getting close to just having my credit card company intervene and reverse the charges and require BLUETTI to contact me to get the money. That is probably the only way we will start to get a response. If everyone starts doing it, maybe the higher ups will start to hire more support folks.


Amok- Make sure you get with your cc company within the 60 day dispute time frame. Don’t want to go into great detail here but, had similar issues and the results were in my favor.

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