Slow or no solar charging after panel was in shadow

Dear Community,

im new to Powerstations and Solar Power and receive 2 Days ago the EB150.

I have a 100W Panel from Swarey and a 120W Panel from Newpowa which are connected seriel.
So far so good. When i plug the DC connector into the EB150 it charges with around ~200W.

And now for some reason the EB150 seems to interrupt the charging progress to 0W or dont recover after the panels are getting a bit of shadow (Charging Stuck at arounf 20W - No Fan spinning).

Any Ideas why this happend?

PS: No Error code is showing. It happend when i plug in DC and the EB150 is “off” and when i turn it manually on and charge too.

Any shade seriously impact performance. On a very bright but cloudy day, you would get maybe 25% performance. If there is deep shade on any part of a panel that is not designed to mitigate shading, you may get nothing at all.

You mention 20W (10% of 200W) which is Normal for shaded. When it goes back into full sun, does it increase again?

By the way, generally is is wasteful to connect two different panels together. They would be limited by the worst spec of the two. In series, it would be limited by min current. In parallel, it would be limited by min voltage. Try to only connect the exact same panels.

Hey Snowstorm!

First off all. Thanks for your answer.

“You mention 20W (10% of 200W) which is Normal for shaded. When it goes back into full sun, does it increase again?” - Thats the Point. It doenst go back to 200W. It just stay with 20W. After unplug and plug DC back again its 200W again.

And i know that Series is only as strong as the weakest of them. But for now i only have this two Panels which are faster than only one. Cant parallel connect them because of the 10A Input Limit.

It is very odd, that it doesn’t go back to 200W after the shade is gone. That sounds like some deficicincy of the MPPT. The MPPT should periodically rescan the V/I curve to find the max power point as it tracks it (hence the namesake). Though in this case, even if it doesn’t re-scan, the panels would increase in current after shade is removed and would get more power from 20W anyway, it just may not go all the way back to 200W until after rescanning.

Yes connecting slightly mismatched panels series is better than one at a time, just won’t maximize their potential. If that’s all you’ve got now, I would connect them to run.

You should reach out to Bluetti support to confirm the behavior.

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