size of solar cable for solar panels and Ac300 with 2 b300

Hi everyone
i was wondering if anyone knows what gauge of cable to connect solar panels to the ac300. I currently have 5 solar panels at 100 watts ea connected to my ac300 and it is extremely slow to charge with very little plugged in. the solar coming in has been good. I’m wondering if a thicker cable would help charge batteries faster?

I suggest you go check that YouTube video

Are your panels connected in series or parallel. If you connect in series, the higher the voltage for a given load, the smaller your wires can be.

The owner’s manual says max 12 amps each PV input, so that means it will only pull that much and not more. 14 gauge wire is rated for 15 amps, so there you go.

There is also a 150 volt max PV input. DO NOT exceed this voltage, so use the Voc rating of your panels to determine how to wire them, series or parallel, to stay under this limit. Voltage adds in series wiring. You want to get to 1200 watts for each AC300 PV input ideally.
As with all PV panels, you’ll get less than the rated wattage, so you’ll have to “overpanel” to get to 1200 watts. As long as you stay under the 150 volt input limit, excess wattage doesn’t matter. My array has 18 100 watt panels and I still don’t always get the full 1500 watts for my AC500😖

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