Simultaneous DC charging of B230 and AC200max

Does anyone know if you can simultaneously charge a B230 connected to an AC200max with TWO D05OS charge enhancers. I want to maximize my charging while driving utilizing 2 cigarette ports and TWO D05OS Charge enhancers with one connected to the DC input on the AC 200max and the other connected to the B230. This would give me approximately 230 watts of charging while driving. Also, would this put an undo stress on my Sprinter vans alternator?

My suggestion would be to increase the voltage going into your existing DO50S. You can buy a 12V to 24V step up converter or even a 36 or 48 volt step up. This would double or quadruple your charge rate to your existing set up and should not overly tax your alternator. I have worked with both 24 and 48 volt step up converters and recommend getting one with 2 to 4 times the amperage output needed so it will run cooler. I have charged my AC200 at over 500 watts this way and get around 220 watts with a 24 volt converter.

I thought that the D5OS0 was basically a voltage step up converter itself

Hi @rtcampbell4 , Car cigarette lighter to B230 charging requires D050S.
Charging AC200Max can be done directly with DC port. Also, the cigarette lighter must be 12V or 24V when charging the AC200MaxDC, boosting to 36V or 48V is not available.

Boosting to 24,36 or 48 volts is available when connecting to the DO50S as I stated above.

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After consulting with technical engineers, the reply is that it is possible to boost the voltage, but boosting to 48V cannot charge our machines. Please note.

Should I get a step up converter or a DC battery to battery charger? It seems like a step up converter allows me to control the volt output whereas some B to B chargers do not? Can you recommend a good step up converter under $100. I will likely only step up to 24 volts do to concerns about overheating/wire gauge etc.