Silent Cooling Feature

I’m using a number of bluetti products like ac200 24/7 and I am concerned about the fan noise coming from it.
My power draw is around 120w and the fan kicks on around 10mins interval upon reaching 40c.
My ambient temperature is a constant 21c.
I have to tolerate the 50plus db fan noise around 10mins interval as it cools it down from 40c down to 36c.
Using it 24/7 so it really tests my patience and tolerance.

I would like to request for a silent cooling solution.
Heat pipes or liquid cooling of some kind maybe?
Would give my ears some relief.
Looking forward to this feature in future products. Thanks

I have used the AC200 extensively over the past year and have found the fan to be fairly quiet. Since the AC200 is a large capacity unit it also has a large capacity to generate heat. Some type of fan is almost always required in a cooling system (even liquid) to transfer the heat so not sure trading the air cooled fan for a fan cooling the liquid radiator would be a good solution either. How much extra $ would you be willing to pay for an improved solution?

Personally I would pay an extra 400 bucks. Another solution is to use gallium natride components in the ac inverter which reduces the heat generated and thus further reduces the need for the fan to turn on during power draw of less than 120w in 24/7 operation.
This GAN technology is already being implemented by navitas and would surely bode well in terms of how the unit will generate less heat and saves our hearing.
I have managed to convert some of my devices to work on the dc 12/10a port and am happy to report that dc operation does not generate heat beyond 36c which means the fan does not come on at all during 24/7 operation.
Would appreciate this feedback being given to the engineers for further implementation and improvement in the ac inverter in further releases.

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Interesting!! @Mango Do you happen to have any YouTube videos of your projects??

I am waiting to order my $600 silent AC30.

@Scott-Benson Right?!!? :rofl: