Shouldn't afully charged AC200P lose some charge over time?

I have two AC200P units that I fully charged after buying them exactly six months ago. I set up a reminder so that I would turn on each unit every three months and see its current level of charge. At the end of three months, one read 100% and the other 99% so I did not bother to plug it into AC to “top it off”. I checked them today, another three months later and they still read 100 and 99. Should I be doing something other than just “turning it on” to check the current percentage level of charge? Shouldn’t it have lost some charge over six months? Thanks for any replies. I have no frame of reference.

I have read various answers on this topic and from what I understand it is recommended every 3/4 months to use and download AC200P and then recharge it to 100%. Leaving it 100% charged for months does not involve any risk of damage.

I would still plug it in every 6 months. It is possible that self discharged may not be properly measured and the gauge gets out of calibration. It won’t hurt.

Then again Li-Ion batteries have pretty low self discharge so a few months of storage is not likely to drain it a lot. However, if the device itself is not fully off, then it is a different matter. Just be safe and plug it in for 30 min every 6 months or so.

Thanks for the reply. It was fully off. I learned THAT early on. So I’ll just plug it in for the 30 minutes.

@jgorran thats pretty normal, but I would recommend using your unit and performing a complete “cycle” on it every 3 months or so. And storing at 80% is recommended for long term use.

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I appreciate your suggestions but could you explain why this Lithium ion battery needs
to be used and drained every three months. What is the reason for storing it for long term use at 80%.? I keep the two of them for power failures. I kind of like the idea of 100% availability. I don’t use mine for temporarily going “off the grid”. I want the peace of mind of 100% when and if the power fails.

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@jgorran the 80% figure comes from multiple sources via Bluetti, based on the battery chemistry. It’s meant to elongate the cycle lives but like you… I keep my OG AC200 stored at 100%, as my intended uses for that unit are for home backup power when the electricity happens to go out. (Which is fortunately quite rare for us) So I’m not too worried about the cycle life diminishing in that unit. The “calendar” life of the battery will kill this unit, or I will have replaced it with the vastly updating tech, long before I will see any impact of the cycle counts/life.

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M.Briney: Perfect. That is what I was hoping to hear. A little context goes a long way. Thanks.

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