Should I upgrade firmware on new EB3A?

Just received my new EB3A and was wondering if I should upgrade the firmware.
I see there are two options to upgrade but I can’t seem to find any info regarding upgrading firmware/which to choose first/ etc.

I noticed there was another user who mentioned they bricked their EB3A when they tried to upgrade firmware.

Is there an official FAQ on the firmware upgrade process/how frequently to upgrade etc.

Thanks in advance!

as a best practice its always the best choice to keep the firmware updated. I did see another user (on youtube I think) that didnt get his to work properly until he upgraded the firmware. I get what your saying though. I would think it wouldnt and shouldnt brick the device.

I would advise against it. My upgrade did not work and I was never able to use my EB3A.

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I let this EB3A drain completely using a little DC box fan and then tried to re-charge.
Initially it would only charge at a rate around 60 watts or so…I switched to silent charge mode and it ramped up to 100 watts…then I switched back to standard charge mode and it finally kicked up to the 260 watt rate :thinking:
Perhaps there needs to be a firmware update…hopefully we can get a consensus from Bluetti on when and the proper procedure to update future firmware updates.

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How long did it take from order to delivery?

For some reason when I ordered EB3A yesterday Amazon gave me July ship date range. But if i had ordered today estimated delivery is Wednesday. I have written timing whenvit comes to the ship time of my orders. Just don’t understand why my ship estimates are not updated in Amazon when next day looks like shipping dates improve. Anyway, hopefully the will do furst in first out order fulfillment.

I haven’t seen a firmware best practice for the EB3A but I think its a good idea. I wonder if the manual makes mention of firmware schedule.

I ordered my EB3A from Amazon on June 15 and received it on June 20th.
I took advantage of both the coupon and extra promo code on mine…good price.

Thank you for the reply. I ordered the EB3A from Amazon on the 20th and was able to grab the added promotions which really helped lower the price per Wh (some folks only use the list price but I use the total cost to calculate cost/Wh). I’m looking forward to this new little power station. Bluetti seems to have added a number of features I would like to see in all their devices.

Unfortunately for whatever reason mine won’t ship til early July. Yesterday I was looking at it and was frustrated w/ Amazon again because if I had waited less than one day to order it (order 6/21 instead of ordering 6/20) it would have been here by this Friday. When I contacted Amazon they told me I could reorder to get the 3-4 day ship but I would likely loose the added promotions (I need to verify that this AM but I think it’s true for one of the promotions so I’m probably stuck waiting).

Look forward to hearing your first impressions. I know it is going to be small and much lighter weight than other models. All the reviews sound good so far, just a couple no show stopper issues.

Have a good day!

Yep. Lose the Amazon promotion if reorder to get it by Saturday bummer, Amazon keeps doing this to me. My concern is many times the date comes and they extend it further. Not a good way to treat customers. I’m hoping they will update and improve the ship date. The problem dealing w/ Amazon is they have trigger happy customer support reps that will chat they can cancel the order so I can reorder but by the time I reply ‘don’t cancel’ the order they already had. Fortunately I typed NO and replied quickly to prevent them cancelling. It’s a business practice I feel is unfair, my order sits there while all new orders get filled the next few weeks while I’m in shipping limbo. Sorry for the Amazon rant.

FREE delivery Saturday, June 25.

You could probably re-order and get the additional 4% promo if you use another browser or open the amazon link up in an incognito window or private window…fyi
I had to do that the first time I ordered mine because they didn’t give me the extra 4% (I could then cancel my original order)

Feeling blessed. I just got off phone w/ Amazon and they escalated my concern. They said they would credit me the amount of any promotions lost due to cancelling and reordering. Now it is suppose to arrive this Saturday. It just seems to be timing when I place some orders and get crazy ship dates. I will keep in mind the browser option if happens again. Took an hour of time but happy w/ the new ship date and promos preserved.

Are you happy so far with the EB3A?

Just received my EB3A. It came 70% charge so I’m charging to 100% while I read the manual.

Out of the box already impressed. Light weight. The screen is excellent compared to prior bluetti models. And you can actually see the on/off button lights. Quality build. Still not sure about the SOS light (is this some requirement bluetti has to imclude?). I look forward to learning about it and putting thru its paces. First box where i can use the bluetti app.


SOS incorporated into lights is kind of starting to become a joke. All of these units come out of China and I suspect that when you spec out a piece of equipment for manufacture and request a LED light you automatically get the SOS function thrown in. Its probably just a matter of using an already designed circuit that has that feature as opposed to redesigning an entirely new one.

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Yes, so far so good with the EB3A…I’m holding off on firmware updates until they work out the bugs people are having with trying to update.

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Wouldn’t the firmware update freeze fix need to be delivered as a firmware update itself? Food for thought, but for Bluetti to figure out.

I finally gave in and updated mine today, quick and easy with no issues. My android phone was about 10 feet from the unit.

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