Short circuit problem with DC port

Hi Community!
I have tried plugging my isup air pump in the 12v port, and clearly didn’t read the pump requirement for 15amp.
Got a short circuit message and ever since then when I press the DC button it’s shorts it right away without anything plugged in, in any of the DC ports.
AC works as should (picture below)
Any advice?

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Hi @Max88

When the unit shows it right away, there might be a problem with your EB3A.

Maybe @BLUETTI_CARE can help here.



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@Max88 Please disconnect the air pump with EB3A and switch it off for a while. The starting power of the air pump may be too high for EB3A to load, you can try other devices to test after restarting the EB3A.

The short circuit shows after shutting off the device and turning on.
Nothing is plugged to the DC ports (12v or usb ports) and it still shows short circuit.
Is there a breaker or something inside the device?
I can’t even use the USB C or wireless charging.

@Max88 The device needs to be repaired, please contact the CS department.