Shipping Woes (within US)

Hello Everybody,
Is anyone else exhibiting shipping issues of a Bluetti item (within the US)?
I have read situations of other people receiving replies that their Tracking numbers are not legit, or their UPS shipment has been cancelled, or incorrect. Bluetti Customer support explained to me that Bluetti is in the middle of both a warehouse update and that UPS changed their lithium battery shipping process for large items (although I can not locate any changes at UPS except what was done in early 2021 but it could be contractual).
Bluetti customer service has been prompt in their replies and understanding, but at this point it appears they have no solution to ship product (in my case). My order completed 9 days ago (Apr 2022), at this point, I would be lucky to receive the product 30 days from the purchase date although I am unsure, since I can’t receive a likely ETA. The latest (3rd) tracking number states “label created” for quite awhile.

I just wanted to verify if others are experiencing these similar shipping restrictions/delays, or am I just one of a select few?

I will update if I hear back with more solid information, for now I’m in limbo.

I placed my order September 2021, but had to ship it to Florida because Bluetti will not ship to Puerto Rico. FedEx did ship to Florida in January, and I had to contact a transport carrier to receive and ship the order to Puerto Rico, which arrived in April 2022. So my order took almost seven months to arrive. I have posted pictures of my test of the Fusion Box Pro supplying 240 VAC at another post here.

Fed Ex shipped well to Florida, and they will also ship to and from Puerto Rico, so I suggest using them instead of UPS.

I have been frustrated with shipping delays too… they are very nice and apologetic, and seem to do what they can when you ask, but you never know when an item will ship. A few weeks ago they said delays were caused by heavy volume from a sale, but then they turned around and had a new sale last week, so it makes me wonder. If it is the result of lockdowns in China I would be sympathetic, but they don’t say that is an issue.

I recently canceled an order from them and re-ordered it from Wellbots. I’m hoping that will go faster…

@Raymondjram -You ordered in Sept 2021 and did not get shipped to FL until Jan 2022, wow. Did you expect it to take that long? Mine was supposed to arrive Apr18th-21st and it still hasn’t even left the warehouse. Setting expectations are important to me to conduct as a legit business. I was expecting to expand my purchases to an AC300/AC500 system this fall, but may need to go another route if the shipping situation continues to worsen. It’s a shame, it appears they make a great product and remedy problems with equipment failures.

I think his experience was in regards to the Kickstarter campaign. Not the current shipping issues.

One of the delay causes was the shipping issue at Long Beach in 2021 where the Bluetti products come from China. That added over a month. And before that, there was a quality issue of the first B300 batteries that were damaged after shipping, causing the manufacturer to change the packaging to add deep 2-inch thick foam inside each box for all the new products, including the AC300 power stations. So I suffered all these delays. But I was expecting to receive by November 2021.

Thanks for the info so far, I did read about the earlier shipping damages being commonplace and were resolved. However, I wish I could get a straight answer from Bluetti personnel with the current issues. Are they due to understaffing, no product, no shipping options, warehouse updates etc. etc. ; they have varying degrees of concern - e.g. no product could be a serious situation considering the tyrannical lockdowns in China. However, staff shortages and warehouse updates can be remedied in a shorter amount of time with just minor delays.
Also, I have already been charged (not pending) on my credit card, and I believe there is law against completing a charge until the item is actually shipped. I will update if I hear back with any new info, in case anyone else will be in my situation, soon.

Update: Shipping has just gone from Created Label (for the last week) to “On the way” as of this morning. So that’s a good thing…just needed to practice patience.

I ordered 2 b230’s this past month at different times. Both took 3 weeks for delivery and tracking was difficult to follow. What I mean by that was it was hard to pinpoint when the item had been given over to UPS and when it was actually on the way. I’m not sure if the problem is with Bluetti, UPS or a little of both.

So I ordered my units (x2 AC300 + x2B300 + P030A + 350Watt Solar Panel) on April 18th. I received my B300 within a week, and then the AC300’s and the solar panel
in the first week of May. The only thing I’m waiting on is the backordered P030A Fusion box.

I contacted within the first week after my order and they quickly sent me the tracking numbers for everything. Watching those tracking numbers closely the only small delay I had with the AC300 and Solar panels was actually FedEx fault… and not Bluetti. FedEx some how “lost” my packages and a few days later they showed up…

However from Bluetti’s side they were pretty quick, even with all the shortages that everyone is having these days.