Shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Direct shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico is too difficult.
Anybody finding ‘work arounds’ to make these items available?
Islanders, (especially ‘off griders’) are great prospects for Bluetti.

I had to contact a shipping company in Florida to accept the order from Nevada, then repack into a trailer and ship to Puerto Rico. That was not so bad as having to pay sales taxes twice, one for Florida and another here. If you need I can post the contact information for you.

The main problem is that Bluetti will not pay for extra shipping cost so Federal Express can ship to Puerto Rico. Yet I can receive items from Europe and Asia through the USPS, sometimes for free, and pay less taxes.

Thanks for the information Raymond!
I am in Hawaii and I’m frustrated about shipping too.
Seems like the places where this product would make a big and positive difference are the most difficult to get it to.