Shipping time question

I ordered my AC200p on Monday. Tuesday I got a tracking number. So far that tracking number hasn’t had any scans, not even one for the package being given to FedEx.

Has anyone ordered recently that could give me an idea for how long they sat on your order before actually handing the package over to FedEx?

My experience with power stations and solar panels is 2-5 days from when the label was created to when it is handed over to the carrier, even longer for accessories.

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It is very common (and this was my experience) for a shipping label to be created with no scans for 3-5 days.
I think they “create the label” before it’s actually received in the warehouse.
It threw me off at first too, but just give it a few days :relieved:

I agree with all that has been said as I’ve experienced the same.

It took a total of 12 working days before mine arrived, but well worth the wait.