Shipping info on partial order


So, this is the message I received in response to my forum complaint about my incomplete yet paid for order:

" On Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 at 1:18 AM, service-us <> wrote:

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the late reply.
There was something wrong with our system, but we are sending the EP500Pro today and will update you the tracking number by email. Thank you so much for your patience.

Best regards,


I have yet to receive via email any tracking info, which leads me to think my order has not shipped even days after I was told it would. I sent a reply to “Max” asking for the information since it had not come and yep you guessed it, I have received no reply from Max a day later and now into the weekend we go.
I am beyond disappointed with Bluetti’s customer service. The worst service I have experienced yet again with the runner up being the Home Depot.

Hi @MikeD , We are very sorry for this situation. I apologize to you for our customer support department. Due to the current volume of emails is really overloaded and understaffed. We are already recruiting more customer support staff and we believe this issue will improve in the near future.

Hope for your kind understanding.

@bluetti what I will understand is that when someone from Bluetti says that they are going to do something specifically, they do it. I am not asking much. Clearly there is a problem in customer service, it has been on going for months and months.
So, let’s try this again. Since I was told my order would be shipped the same day I got the reply from Max, how about looking my order up and telling me the status for real?
order number # US47378

Thanks for your kind understanding.

@MikeD ,Hi Mike, We have contacted Max and she indicated that there was some problem with your order in the outbound process. And she will get back to you personally today.

Sorry again for your inconvenience and please kindly wait for her reply.

@BLUETTI Update: I received my EP500 Pro today. In the last two weeks I had several interactions with various customer service people and never was I given shipping confirmation, a tracking number, or any information that the unit was actually shipped at all nor was any info on the order up to date, and still isn’t, on the Bluetti website.
This is just frustrating. I spend weeks concerned about the order and not ever given factual information until it arrives…incredible.
Anyway, just wanted to update the thread.