Shipping and lousey customer service

What kind of customer service do you call it, when the phone goes to voice mail? Instead of being answered by a human being?

And you sent me an email with a tracking #, but 5 days after i paid for the item, the tracking # still does not work and UPS says you have not turned the item over to them!

And the support email you sent told ME to call UPS. Do YOUR JOB. YOU call UPS.

It is not my job to do your job!


This past week I called and got voice mail and one of my orders indicated the label was created but had not been picked up.

I called a 2nd time and reached two very nice folks. They were able to resolve and get the unit to UPS.

I have found that it is not uncommon that sellers sometimes are very busy and get the labels created but for whatever reason, they don’t get picked up right away by the shipping carrier. I would suggest try calling again and ask if they can make sure it gets out right away.

Thank you,

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Hi @Ironworking ,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can you pls tell me your order number, I’ll check it for you.

Order BLUETTI-US19395

Robert Campbell


Thank you for your info.
I have checked it for you. Do you mind waiting two more days? Because we have a Spring Sale campaign and it needs sometime to deal with a lot of orders.
Pls let me know or contact us at service@bluettipower if your tracking number still doesn’t work two days later.
Hope you understand.

Okay. I can wait 2 days.

Robert Campbell


Now they have shut off the ability to use voice mail!!

I finally received mine. An i am happy with it. They really need to step up their game on shipping and customer service. This is 2022, not 1992.