Setting up AC200Max as system backup with rigid panels

I’ve ordered 4 of these (will only use 3, but had to purchase 4 for delivery) Mission Solar 345W Solar Panel 60 Cell MSE345SX5T Monocrystalline Black - A1 Solar Store

It will stay under my max 145 VOC and go a little over the 900W max input allowing a little for non-optimum production.

So, I have a few other questions:

We already have a sub-panel that we had setup a few years ago for use with a gas Gen. It ties to grid on main panel through a breaker that has a fail-safe shut-off if I turn on the 30amp sub-panel breaker. It also stops any power from the Generator from bleeding to the grid and causing possible injury to a technician during a grid power outage. To my understanding, that’s required by code. I wouldn’t need any other kind of “switch” to just plug my AC200Max in to supply power to the panel like I would have if I was using a Gas Gen…correct? Of course I know I’ll need a cable adapter as the Gas Gen plug is 4-prong vs the AC200Max RV Connector being 3.

If I fix the rigid panels in Series, would I need any other kind of equipment…like a step-down module or anything…or just plug the + and - cables in to the AC200Max as I would have the portable panels I got with my system? I’ve seen some conversations for installing PV shut-off switches…which I like the idea of; but I don’t think it’s “required” or anything else would be.

The “plan” is to have my AC200Max + B300 on a cart in the basement under the panel. I’ve asked my Electrician if he can put in a plug like the Gas Gen one outside the house that I could use with this system since it can’t be outdoors. Then, find a place in the yard to ground mount the 3 panels and run the PV wires through buried conduit back to the house where they terminate to a PV shut off switch. I’d like to literally be able to walk in to the basement, throw the panel switch, plug in my AC200Max, turn on the solar, and walk away if/when grid goes down.

Am I missing anything?

Sounds like you got it. If you had a receptacle to accept 120V AC from a generator I would think you could use the same receptacle for the AC200max. the 3 panels in series isn’t over the max voltage so you should be good there and you don’t have to have an extra cutout switch.

Thanks! I appreciate the reply. I was literally an Electronics Tech in the military when I was young; and I still get confused on all of this. It’s been a long time since then. LOL I do understand W vs V, etc…and what a parallel vs series circuit is…so that helps. I’ve replaced a breaker here and there and hung every light fixture in our home…but this stuff is different. Knowing what DC vs AC is…and what a 30 amp circuit is…for some reason gets lost for me in translation of solar DC power. I was like 18 when I learned EP…and I’m a long way from it now. LOL