Set Date Time Every Two Weeks?!

I thought my AC200P had an issue because I noticed it wasn’t maintaining the date & time. I know I had set it at least a couple of times in the past. Then I looked at the manual which states to set the date and time every two weeks. What?! Can anyone explain why this is designed like this?

Because with a complete shut down, all voltage is discontinued (after some time) which is necessary to maintain time and date information. This is done to allow long term storage of a fully charged unit without the battery being drained which allows for emergency use when needed. Paint in the butt? Of course. One alternative I could think of is a small remplaceable button battery that would keep the time and date functioning.

I appreciate your reply Scott.

Can anyone tell me what happens if this date/time is NOT reset? If I’m not going to use the unit for 2-3 months, do I still need to reset the date/time every two weeks?

what will occur is that when you turn on the unit next time the correct date and time will not accurately display. There is no battery power when turned off that keeps the date and time in memory and after many days, the date and time loses its memory.

What function of the battery uses that information, other than faults? Is there a compelling reason to update the battery regularly so that the correct time/date are shown?

I haven’t reset mine in over a year, forgot it was even there until these thread reminded me of it. So no it doesn’t serve any function that I’m aware of as my AC200P still functions properly.

It reads 2/20/2020 so its actually lost 2 years in only one year unless its reverted back its factory default date.