SERVICE ? Where are you?

I have now purchased the AC300, 2 B300s, and 2 PV350s. How can these be under warranty if Bluetti doesn’t show them on my account ? Yes, I have sent screenshots of my purchases and Bluetti has acknowledged them… yet nothing ever changes. According to my profile… I have nothing…yet I have spent 7,000 dollars. Hey Bluetti… how about a little help here !!

Have you registered them?

Bluetti asked me for screenshots of my purchases. I sent the screenshots. They responded telling me how many bluetti bucks I was then eligible for but my profile page shows zero purchases.

I assume you bought this on Amazon or another website?.. If you bought it from their official website then you can do the online registration process.

I purchased everything through Amazon.

yes I have registered them. Several times actually. On their website…they ask which vendor with a drop down menu. Amazon is on that drop down menu.