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Hello All
I am very disappointed with Bluetti Germany.
I have requested a warranty extension for my MAX 200. They have advertised this on the website. NO Answer until today
I ordered a DC charge amplifier (D050S) through the store. No answer, not shipped even though they said it was in stock.
Am curious how Klarna reacts when I do not pay.
Generally Bluetti is obviously not available
Unfortunately, this does not speak for a serious business conduct.



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@christianvgraeve , I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. the extended warranty of AC200MAX is automatically extended, as long as you order AC200MAX we will extend the warranty for you for two years, don’t worry. As for your question about D050S out of stock, may I know your order number? So I can confirm your order details with the support department.


my order: SPF -DE 6894

Kind regards

any news?

Kind regards

Hi @christianvgraeve , we have checked with support dept and they replied as below.
We are still having some problems with the logistics and we are unable to determine the estimated delivery time. We felt deeply sorry for that.

If you have any further questions, please contact the German support department at for further order details. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Hello All,

please cancel my order which I did in the Bluetti online store/shop.

My order SPF -DE 6894

Please inform also klarna

Kind regards