Service or lack there of

Unable to contact anyone @ Bluetti. No one answers the phone (support or service) and voicemail is full. I tried to order one unit on the bluetti ebay site and it would time out before order was complete. Now I have six units pending on my credit card and no way to cancel.

I believe the support/sales personnel are overwhelmed… if you try a few times to call them, you can get ahold of them. It defiantly takes a few tries though.

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I had to crash my account due to no resolution at the customer service level. Be careful folks.

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Denny, you are a wise man to crash that account. As I’ve mentioned on other posts, Bluetti has ZERO customer service! A moderator responded to one of my posts about Bluetti opening up a Vegas center as a step in the right direction. But it’s the Vegas phone numbers that don’t get answered and it’s the Vegas phone messages that don’t get returned. Someone have an issue with their system than can be corrected with a 1 minute phone call? Forget about it. You go down the email rabbit hole where you need an interpreter to understand their third world gibberish. You’ve seen a million posts on this site where you see the same old tired response from Bluetti “we’re sorry, blah, blah blah”. I’d like to see the Youtube channels (that brag about Bluetti products) do some videos on their customer service. Go to Vegas and take a tour of the facility. See what their customer support team looks like (if it even exists). THAT would be a real video.

You had to “crash your account”… what does that even mean?