Service and support in Ukraine

In connection with the catastrophic situation in the energy sector in Ukraine, due to aggression, more than half of the Bluetti solar charging stations sold in Europe are physically located in Ukraine.

Your Ecoflow competitors have already established an official representative office and service (!) in Ukraine, which in the future will lead to a reorientation of consumers in Ukraine to Ecoflow products.

Dear Bluetti, taking into account that your products are of high quality, but like any technical product needs maintenance and service, would you consider opening an office and service in Ukraine in the near future?


The Russians surely did their best to create a market for off-grid power solutions in Ukraine. Sadly.
Bless you. Being in mid winter with no or bad power is no laughing matter.


Hi @Oleksandr , We are very sorry, but at this time we cannot vouch for you on this matter.
But I will submit your suggestion and hopefully it will happen in the near future.
Thank you again!

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I’ve made an order in November over a month ago and I received one message from your customer support @BLUETTI about the parcel number and that it’s going to be delivered in 7-10 days. 10 days passed, the delivery is delivered and my emails are ignored again. Why is it Austria and with “delivered” status? If you can’t deliver on the purchase give me back my money as I can buy in Ukraine now.

I advise you to not post tracking numbers in public because with some tracking services a tracking number can be used to reroute a parcel. Contact support with your order and tracking number and ask here or on social media for attention to your support ticket.

Hi @NotBluettiCustomerInUkraine

well, mostly its the user and not the machine. We are a great community here and we may can help with this issue. Its really disrespectful to throw such a unit into the trash and blame Bluetti for it. Not okay.