Server rack battery for AC200 Max

I currently have an AC200 max with two B300 batteries and two DC charging enhancers. I have a couple small solar arrays powering the unit with a small load constantly running, with the potential to increase the load through a 10 circuit transfer switch. I’m looking to increase the potential kwh rating of my system through adding a 48 volt 5kwh server rack battery, in particular an EG4.

Question is- Does anyone know if I can wire the 48 volt output of the EG4 to one of the DC charging enhancers as a possible way to supplement the existing system? I presume I would get close to 500 watts from the EG4 into the system (51 volts x 10 amp limit of D050S= 500 watts approximately)?

For recharging the EG4 I’m thinking of using the chargerverter that EG4 makes for recharging server rack batteries

@kent Lead-acid battery charging cable only accepts 24V max, so you can’t connect as you mentioned above.

Server rack batteries usually contain multiple 12v batteries. So if you have a server rack battery that you have no other use for you may be able to use the individual 12v batteries that are inside. Alternatively, you may be able to use a DC voltage adapter/converter to lower the voltage to something that the Bluetti is happy with.

I guess I’m confused as to how to use the DC050S charging enhancer and what it’s actually capable of. I see that it has an input rating up to 60 volts DC, so I’m not sure why It would take 50 volts DC from solar panels but not from a battery.

If that’s the case, could I purchase a 24 volt 100ah (or 200ah) LIPO battery and wire that into the input of the charging enhancer? I would presumable input 240 watts into the Bluetti from the 24 volt battery via the D050S?

Hey @kent I can confirm that I’m using the DC charge enhancer with 29V @ 10A on the input side (at least I believe it is 10A based on other data I have), providing around 230W according to the AC200MAX. I would be really surprised if it wouldn’t work they way you want it to.

@RichardP Thanks for your input. Are you using solar or a battery for your 29 volt input into the DC charging enhancer?

This will work, DC volts are DC volts, regardless of source. You shouldn’t have any problem feeding the D050S DC from your 48V batteries to charge your AC200Max or B300 batteries. Like you said, you can expect to get close to 500W with this config.

@kent I’m using a battery

Ok thanks for confirming what I thought. I guess @BLUETTI_CARE misunderstood the question. Further research online shows that a few other people have used the DC charging enhancer with a 48 volt battery to charge their Ac200 max. Considering how expensive a 48 volt 100ah battery is, I’d hate to get this wrong

@kent I’m sorry for my misunderstanding. I thought that you might use the official Lead-acid battery charging cable. The cable is 14AWG, and the current that can pass is low, if your battery is 48V, it can’t charge AC200MAX. But if you choose another cable, alligator clip to XT90 with 12AWG or more thicker one, it is OK.