Series or parallel connections for solar panels connected to a single AC500..which is better?

We installed the AC500 with 6 of the B300S batteries in our RV. Now, we are looking to add solar panels to the roof of the RV to charge the system. I understand the max numbers for input and that the AC500 has 2 built in MPPT controllers. I found a solar professional who can install the panels. I had mentioned splitting the panels into 2 arrays because of the 2 PV inputs, thinking that having 2 arrays would charge the batteries faster. He said that it would be cheaper to link the panels in series and just use one input, that it wouldn’t change the charging speed. My questions are whether this is correct, and also if the AC 500 will accept input from just 1 series, or if it needs to have equal input at both connections? He has expertise in solar installation but not with Bluetti. Thanks in advance for your help.

As long as you stay about 10% below the maximum allowable solar input voltage, I would always choose series connection.

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You can also use parallel connection if the input voltage would be exceeded.
However, you should use the same type and number of panels so as not to have different volt numbers. I would use both inputs (PV1 and PV2) with the highest possible voltage (volts).

What @Scott-Benson mentioned with the 10% puffer is really important. Since Solarpanels can reach higher voltage when it colder outside!

Thank you for the information. It is greatly appreciated.