sequence of buttons to press to disable bluetooth?

Hi folks: I’m completely blind without easy access to sighted assistance. I know on the AC200L there’s a way to disable and reenable bluetooth via the settingsmenu accessed by pressing AC and DC buttons at the same time. Would someone mind telling me: 1. How many times I’d have to press the DC button to get to the bluetooth icon never having accessed the settings menu before on the unit? 2. If I get to the bluetooth icon and press AC and DC at the same time to enable or disable it, then either wait a minute or hold down AC and DC again to exit the menu, if I go back into the settings menu, do I always start from a top position or is te behaviour that I’d end up where I last was?

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  1. Long press AC+DC, press the left AC key 4 times, press the right DC key 1 time, then long press AC+DC to confirm.
  2. Turning it on again will restart it from the beginning.

Worked like a charm :) thanks so much for the quick reply! I’m now safe in the knowledge that I can set things up with the app, and then turn off bluetooth to prevent anyone from cntrolling my AC200L without physical access :slight_smile:

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Supplement: Make sure the machine is in a screen-on state when performing these operations. The screen will be off if there is no operation.
Also, the machine is set to have Bluetooth enabled by default out of the factory.

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