Sehr hoher Eigenverbrauch

Guten Tag,
mit meiner EP500 Pro habe ich ein Ladekabel (Zigarettenanzünderstecker) dazu bestellt.
Heute habe ich das einmal testhalber benutz.
Angeschlossen an eine 12V Batterie und die Einstellung im DC-Eingang auf „Andere“ gestellt.
Jetzt wird die EP500 tatsächlich mit 107 Watt laut Anzeige geladen. Allerdings ist die Anzeige am Gerät
innerhalb von 5 Stunden von 57% auf 50% gesunken. Die EP500 wird entladen und nicht aufgeladen.
Ein Eigenverbrauch von über 107 Watt bei ausgeschaltetem DC- und AC Ausgang ist doch nicht in Ordnung oder?

Is it a German thing to come to an English-speaking community and post in German?


Sorry, you are absolutly right.

Good day,

with my EP500 Pro, I ordered a charging cable (cigarette lighter plug).
Today I used it once as a test.
Connected to a 12V battery and the DC input setting was set to “Other”.
Now the EP500 is actually being charged with 107 watts according to the display. However, the display is on the device
dropped from 57% to 50% within 5 hours. The EP500 is discharging and not charging.
A self-consumption of over 107 watts with the DC and AC outputs switched off is not okay, is it?


That makes me laugh so hard. Hahaha

Hi @Marcus ,

something isnt normal for sure. AC does have a self consumption about 40W when its on. Dont know about DC, but should be much less.

Did you ever upgrade the firmware and do two full cycles to calibrate the BMS?


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Hey Eric,
thanks for your answer.
I have installed all available updates.
Do you mean charging to 100% twice and discharging completely?

@Marcus Yes. Please try two complete charge and discharge cycles first (AC charging, do not connect appliances during the process), and see if the problem improves.

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I try this, but ist has no effect at the issue

@Marcus I suggest that you change the charging cable to test. It may be caused by poor wire contact. Also, if you charge it via AC, does this situation appear?

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I try that without any result.
The Display shows 107Watt DC input

@Marcus Please do a full cycle of charge and discharge to correct the SOC to test. (When you do the full cycle of charge and discharge, please ignore the SOC. Please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically stop charging).

once again :-)
I’ve already done this twice - it didn’t change anything!

@Marcus If you have tried both methods and cannot solve the problem, please contact our after-sales support. Or you can provide me with your order number and I will forward it to the responsible department.

Thank you!
I bought the device from a dealer here in Germany. I’ll get in touch with him…

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@Marcus OK. Hope your problem can be solved ASAP.

Thank you for your help