Seeking under-desk storage shelf for EB70S

I’m seeking an under-desk “shelf” for an EB70S (or similar-sized battery, like the upcoming AC60). I want such a shelf to support:

  1. easy “slide in, slide out”

  2. power connections “on the side” (see photo below)

  3. essentially: support the battery in this photo immediately UNDER the desk, instead of immediately ON TOP of the desk (the way it looks in the following photo):

Rigs I’ve seen thus far do not work for me.

Most of the for-sale-online shelfs/contraptions I’ve seen thus far support “taller” rigs that’s a more-permanent install of a PC tower, or some such, eg:
The above things are less attractive to me.

Rather, I’m interested in something like this:
…but MUCH TALLER (~10" or more for the 9"-tall EB70S) and with some BIG hole(s) on the side for the power connections.

  • Do any such things exist?

I’m okay (within reason) of cobbling some different parts together. So all brainstorm-y suggestions are welcome, because right now I’ve got nothing that’s suitable.

Thanks for any help!

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@johnnyutahh Welcome to the community!

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Server type rack or audio equipment rack.
Maybe even run to the hardware store and grab some angle iron, bolts and paint and customize your own?


Interesting. This is the kind of creative feedback I seek, thanks @YardGuy!

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I am now leaning towards getting qty-2, super-sturdy hooks that I screw into the understide of the desk from which I can hang the EB70S by its handle.

Does anyone see a problem with this “hanging from the handle” method?

Not in theory. It should be designed to hold it’s weight right? I can’t remember how heavy the EB70 is, but if the hooks are sturdy enough it should work out.