Second Bluetti 200P as a battery

I am thinking about getting a second 200P and using it for an additional battery. I plugged the power block, which came with my 200P, into one of the 120v AC sockets on my 200P and put the other end back into the 200P, this is what I get: Watts coming out are 510, while watts going back in are 456. So, I would be losing 54 watts by plugging into a second 200p. The loss would come from exchanging DC to AC and back to DC. That seems to me to be an acceptable loss since I am over paneled anyway. A second 200P would have its own meter for input and output. It would have an additional input of solar (700 watts). Before I buy the second 200P, where am I going wrong?

Should work, currently I do the same with an EB150 for my AC200P. But if you want the most watts for your buck consider the new Bluetti B300 battery which is available for sale right now. About the same price as the AC200P but you get 3072 watts instead of the AC200P’s 2000.

Where can I purchase a B300? I thought the presale was over.

Thanks for the information

When I ordered mine yesterday I also ordered the D050S DC charging enhancer so I can input 700 watts of solar into the B300. The D050S will also allow you to input an additional 500 watts of solar into the AC200P for a total of 1200 watts! DC Charging Enhanncer(D050S) – BluettiPower

Yes that will work and that is the loss you are seeing. The wattage loss is also associated with the heat generated and voltage conversion. I use this method of back up even with smaller sogens feeding each other or even a smaller unit feeding the AC200. For example, I had a recent power outage and I used another brand of 500 watt hour sogen to keep the AC200 topped of at 100%. This method allows me to use the power of the back up unit first and then reserve the capacity of the AC200 last.

I use my units primarily for power outage back up so the charging losses are not that important to me.

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They were “out of stock” last night, but this morning they were not, so I brought one. Thanks

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