My AC300 screen is no longer turning on. When I tap the screen. Can this get fixed or what is the solution?

Hi @Mansah,

would try to disable Screentimeout via Bluetti-App and look if its turning back on.

Maybe your touch is just not working.

@Mansah Please check if you can operate the AC300 via APP. Can AC300 power your device normally? If yes, the screen may be defective and you can contact the support for warranty.

A factory reset helped when I had a screen problem. You can do this through the app. Click the gear icon and you’ll see it on the list.

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@St8kout : will this also delete firmware updates made in the meantime?

Im really sure this isnt the case. “Factory resets” are based on the latest patches on most of the electronic devices. Its more a reset of all settings rather then build the OS from the ground up