Schedule is delayed by one hour after change to summer time

Hey guys,

i notice something with the schedule feature on the balcony system. The schedule is delayed by exact one hour. I assume that this issue have something to do with the change to summertime (+1 hour).

Is anyone experince the same with their units that have the feature?

@BLUETTI Can you report this issue to the relevant departement?


PS: here are some screenshots

18:45 - 23:59 use Battery. Clock shows 18:49. So it should use battery Power

Still charging the Battery

Exactly one hour later, its start to use the battery. Befoure its always charge it.

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@Selfmadestrom Sorry for late reply Erik.
The technical team replied: This is synchronized with the server time and is calculated based on the standard time of the selected time zone.

Okay, so “standard time” here is the winter time. Summertime is +1 hour. Seems like i need to configure my schedule 1 hour earlier to work with summertime. A bit weird. But if this isn’t a bug and intended as it is, good to know^^

Hi Erik,

The technical team has reconfirmed this with R&D:
It may be because the balcony solar system only has synchronized system time when it’s first bound to app, and then the time synchronized by the first binding will prevail. So once the time goes from Winter Time to Daylight Saving Time, the time will be one hour different.

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At the same time, thank you very much for identifying this issue. The tech team has also suggested the R&D. It should be resolved through an APP upgrade in the future. The revised strategy is to synchronize the system time whenever the balcony system is connected to the app.

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