Same Solar Array - Different Wattage Input

Hi All,

Not sure what to make of this. My current solar array is nine 100 watts panels in 3 series, 3 parallels. 15AMP X 60 Volts. 900 Watts.

At the moment, my trusty EB240 is giving me 495 watts. Which makes sense because max PV for the EB240 is 500 watts.

Then i switch the connection to my new EP500, and the PV goes down to 350 watts.

Going back and forth between the two shows a difference of 100 to 150 watts. The EP500 is getting less power than the EB240, which is kinda surprising. Going back and forth between the two takes me a few seconds to switch so it’s not changing weather patterns.

Not sure what to make of this.

The EP500 PV Input data is voltage 55-145vdc, max power input 12000watts, Rated Input Current 20amp.

Any thoughts on what i am doing wrong? My solar array is set at 15AMP, but that shouldn’t matter if the EP500 rated Input current is 20amp. I don’t think.

or is the new ep500 defective somehow.

any thoughts and/or advice would be much appreciated.

thank you.

You need to get the voltage higher. Put all six panels in series for the Ep500.

If the EP500 can take 145v and 20A, then your setup of 15A 60V should be just fine and should get you 600-900W.

You need to try putting them in series and see if it helps, we have done this with our EP500 and it works better with higher wattage.

thank you friends!!! i’m very grateful for the feedbacks. So i changed my solar array to 8 panels. 4 series. 2 parallels. 10amp. 80 volts. and the input wattage has gone up quite a bit!!! running at 650watts at 12 noon sunny day. not too shabby.

will buy another panel and make the array 10 panels. at 10amp. 100 volts.

thank you again for the help!!!