Sales tax in solar-exemption states like Massachusetts?

I want to use a Bluetti AC series box in concert with separately purchased panels as a small solar generator to add supplemental solar electricity for my home. I believe this should qualify to be sales-tax-exempt in Massachusetts.

MA law exempts from the state’s sales tax “equipment directly relating to any solar…system… supplying the energy needs of an individual’s principal residence in the commonwealth.”

While there are definitely use-cases for Bluetti AC series boxes that don’t meet that definition (e.g. camping), I believe my use-case definitely does.

Anyone have any experience with getting Bluetti to refund sales tax collected under similar circumstances?

Vendors merely collect sales tax and transfer it to the taxing entity. They do not keep the sales tax monies received. If you are seeking a refund, I would think going to the source (Maryland State) would be the appropriate starting point. Possible it is an exemption on your state taxes that can be exercised.

Thanks Scott. But that is incorrect. At least for Massachusetts where I live:

“In general, a purchaser seeking a refund of Massachusetts sales or use tax paid in error to a vendor is required under Massachusetts law to request a refund of the amount paid from the vendor…”

Actually it looks like I may just need to fill out this form and give it to Bluetti. I’ll report back on this thread if this works.

Presumably there are similar forms for other states with related exemptions.

You did not request a sales tax exempt status from the vendor so I don’t see how any “error” was made. If you are entitled to sales tax relief on the product purchased it appears that you would have to have competed your attached form and presented it at the time of order. I cannot imaging what a can of worms it would be for a non Mass entity to try to recoup the taxes that you paid as indicated in your post.

Scott, I haven’t ordered anything yet. I think you’ve misunderstood my situation. Regardless I appreciate your attempts to help.

I have reached out to Bluetti and they have indicated with the proper exemption paperwork (linked above for MA) they will refund sales tax collected. It’s to everyone’s advantage (customer and vendor) not to charge tax where it isn’t due.

FYI to others, millions of Americans live in states that have similar sales tax exemptions for solar.
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

Sorry for the misunderstanding. When you used the word “refund” I was assuming that the transaction was completed and you indeed were needing a refund of monies paid and not a sales tax exemption.

Hi @ericy,

Thank you for contacting us.
Please show your tax exemption certification to our customers service, they will refund you sale tax.