safe recs for quiet slow charger alternative to the loud fast-charging brick

Just got a replacement EB55 (first one died) that has, like the original, a very loud power brick with a fan that never turns off. We have several portable stations of various sizes which we keep plugged in around the house (3 levels) for backup power during outages, and it works well for us, but every one of them has had a silent charger. I understand that this brick is meant to quickly recharge the pack for less downtime between drains, but it is so loud as to be a nuisance and we don’t really use this power pack that way. I want to get a quiet smart charger that will keep the unit topped up and ready for outages, which shouldn’t require the amount of juice this brick seems designed to provide.

I’ve seen a few alternatives posted in similar threads here, but don’t want to use something that could put the unit at risk. So I’m hoping more knowledgeable members and perhaps Bluetti staff can weigh in on the safest workarounds.

The current brick:

Model T2008-252A800-00
Input: 100-240VAC.50/60Hz 2.5A Max
Output: 25.2V=BA

Appreciate any recs!

Any unit that is within the min/max voltage input range will work. A small 24 volt power supply would be ideal.

Pick up one of these @spudchick

Is 24v the minimum, or could I use a 12v adapter?

The solution I saw here that was most appealing was an AC to DC (wall to car plug) adapter to be used with the included car charging accessory, but I’m hoping to get a specific product & model number. I’m basically looking for a top-up maintainer since we don’t discharge them regularly. I do occasionally test our various power stations to make sure they’re holding a charge and discharging, but usually only a couple of times a year (if an outage doesn’t create a test for us) and I don’t significantly drain them when I test them.

I would like to only use the loud brick after a significant discharge (long outage).

Am I correct in thinking that the EB55 has an internal charge controller?

I’m specifically looking at these (the link has 6 options on the page) to use with the car adapter included with the EB55 but unclear on which one(s) are acceptable.

you need about 13 volts minimum but with that voltage you will only receive around 100 watt or less charge rate which is fine if you do not need faster charging. The EB55 does have an internal charge controller. The wall to car socket model you mention should work fine and would mimic plugging into your car for car charging except the wattage output may be less than your car socket. If you have multiple “sogen” units you want to discharge from time to time, one way to do it is to discharge the largest unit completely running something you would normally like your TV. When you get to a zero state of charge, use your other sogen units to charge it back up either through the ac outlet or via the 12 volt socket (I vote for the AC outlet). That way one sogen is used to charge the next and so on so you are not wasting all the power but using it for the recharge of another unit.

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@spudchick Please make sure that the output voltage of the power brick is in the range of 25-28V.

@BLUETTI_CARE Thank you for your reply. I’m not necessarily looking for a direct replacement for the brick (though still grateful for working links or brand/model numbers for any compatible alternatives). I’m looking for an affordable way to keep this thing safely and quietly topped up so it’s ready for outages. Right now it seems like an AC-to-DC adapter to use with the included car charger accessory is the most affordable option, just trying to find a good one.

This suggests that some lower voltage scenarios are acceptable. Are these the maximum or minimum wattage values (specifically looking at the car charger here)?

Bluetti EB55 input spects Screenshot 2023-08-21 084651

Car Charging
98W@12V / 196W@24V

AC-DC Adapter Charging
90W / 25-28VAC 10A 200W Max

Solar Charging
200W Max /12-28VDC, 8A

AC+ PV dual Charging
400W Max

Duall AC Charging
400W Max Required extra charger

Thanks @Scott-Benson. I didn’t think it was desirable to fully discharge lithium based (or even SLA) batteries, but I’ll look into it. I just try to test them in place periodically if we go several months without needing to use them, running them long enough to see if they’re performing normally (not draining faster than expected for the load, or self-discharging quickly). Our house isn’t big but has 3 levels with a fridge and upright freezer so we usually have 3-4 units at any given time and have done so for about 20 years now. The old heavy brutes are a pain to lug but they sure last a long time. The last SLA model (a Duracell) will probably die before too long but is still good for light duty. Trying to make sure we have a good population of portable stations to cover us.

@spudchick Yes. I suggest that you can use our T90. It can charge EB55 as well.