SA20 Aviation Plug Build on AC200P

Hello, new here!
I’ve had an AC200p since may of 2021 and use it as battery backup in power outages and as the campsite power when we do our week long beach camping trips once a week. I keep it charged camping with (3) 175 watt flexible Renogy panels in series. This is typical of what our camp looks like: My trailer is the one on the right.

I recently wanted to clean up the wiring situation for our camp and go pulled into the rabbit hole of the aviation/SA20 plug. I decided to give it a try and make my own and see how it would clean things up.

Here is the interior of the toolbox:

I will be able to have the battery inside the camper, run the 10awg wire outside and into the toolbox. From there I’ll have the camp lights and the 12 volt fridge plugged in to the toolbox. Under testing it worked really well.

Originally I had the fridge plugged in and the kids would bump the plug and it would turn off and it was a big hassle to always be checking to see if the fridge was turned on so having everything be run from a secure plug will be awesome.

I’ve also seen some people on here desire to have a similar plug and I would be more than happy to build these cables if someone would want one. I could make them pretty much any length with any ends or connections. I made mine with zipper cable but they can be made with 2 separate cables also. I can add an in-line fuse if needed. I could also make them with the plastic screw end or the 90 degree plastic one. From what I have heard they don’t clip into the AC200p but it is a friction fit but they screw into the newer ones. Message me or reply to this and we can work something out. I made mine with 10awg but they can be made with anything smaller than that. Just be cautioned with the amperage and distance, but we know that stuff.

I can add more photos if needed and would be happy to answer questions.


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Cool DIY toolbox! Thanks for sharing the pictures and text description :toolbox:

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