Running AC200P - 200 MAX -AC300 for home 24/7

Does anyone run their AC unit all the time for home energy supplement? Is using them that much OK on the unit?

I currently have three AC200P units and starting using them all the time, and considering an AC300 as a larger home supplement & back up.

What do you mean running it all the time?
Are you using it as an DC coupled energy source?

Where all loads of the house is plugged into the inverter output of the AC unit and the AC unit is charged with grid AC and/or solar?

Yes. Been running my ac200 with 6x210 watt panels, daily, connected to sub panel via transfer switch since July 2021. Runs most of the house during the day. Cut power bill 10-20% monthly.

Yes - I am leaving the AC200P connected to solar all the time, and leaving a fridge and freezer plugged directly into the AC outputs on the unit. It’s working well enough that I want to install a transfer switch to our breaker panel so I can run more things in the house.

I am looking at the unit as more of a pre-built solar system rather than a portable generator. Upgrading one of the units to a 200 MAX or AC300 and connecting to a transfer switch looks like it will work well now that I have the hang of things. I just didn’t know if the units were built for this kind of use.

I have an AC200Max and I sort of do what you are mentioning. Initially I just bought the AC200Max to power our fridge and freezer when the power goes out. Then I decided to keep the AC200Max on all the time (currently I only have one solar panel hooked up, which is enough to power the fridge 24/7 on a good day). I’ve been doing this for over a week and have run into only one issue and that is the SOC indicator suddenly showing a full charge from indicating between %75-%95. This happened only once. I plan on reporting back after a month of continual use and periodically in the future. As I add generation capacity and storage capacity to my set-up I’ll start powering more. So far I’m starting small and seeing how I can make it work for me.