Roof mounted solar panels

Can someone suggest a roof mounted solar panel?
I am noticing that the panels on the site are NOT recommended for roof mounting.

Thank you

what Bluetti device do you have? Want more panels or just 1?

Any hard framed panels can be roof mounted. When you are selecting a panel supplier, ask for their roof mounting kits, or if you are not that handy, ask for their quote to do it for you. The only panel requisite is that the cables have standard MC4 connectors, and that the panel voltage in series is less than 140 VDC. The internal MPPT in each station will limit the current.

I want to connect 2 solar arrays to my AC500 and 2x B300s. Each solar array is 1,600 watts x 2 arrays = 3,200 watts. Is this ok? My thought is that solar panels won’t produce the full wattage so I can over panel a bit.

From my understanding the AC500 can accommodate 2 sets of MC4 connectors. Can each set of MC4 connectors take 15 amps (15amps x 2 = 30 amps total)?

Thank you!

I am researching solar companies in my area now.
I am looking for a Bluetti system to a)power my home in case of outage and b) have some portable power for things like pellet grill and outdoor entertainment.

Thanks again

According to the AC300 user manual specifications, the two PV inputs will automatically limit the current to 12 A so if the panels generate more than 1,200 watts per input, the internal MPPT will protect from the excess. FYI, my panel setup also applies 800 W to each PV input, and I have two AC300, too, so my total solar input is 4 x 800 = 3,200 W.

My first “suggestion” is to calculate the total power input you need in watts, which will determine the Bluetti model. Then multiply that by the time you need it to continuously supply that power, which is the watt-hours for the battery size. Finally you need to calculte the number of panels by the Bluetti model PV input divided by the panel capacity.

As a quick example, one AC300 can supply 3,000 watts of power and one B300 battery can hold 3072 Wh of energy or one hour if use at the maximum flow. So each B300 can supply an additional hour. The maximum battery for the AC300 is four B300 units, for 12 kWh. The same AC300 can input 1200 watts of solar power on each of its two PV inputs, for a total maximu of 2400 W. Therefore the entire 12 kWh battery capacity can be charged in five hours of full sunlight.

But if you are consuming the full 3 kW of power at the same time, then you need more time to charge while consuming. That needs to be observed and measured while in operation.

Finally, you have to choose a panel brand. As I posted before, you must decide how to mount them, either DIY (as I did since my home roof is flat, not inclined) or pay that panel supplier to do it for you. The number and setup, series and/or parallel, depends on the panel voltage first, then the current in amps.

All this takes time (I took almost a year) but if done correctly, you will be satisfied with the final setup.