Roadtrip with EB3A


My girlfriend and I are about to go on a few month long roadtrip. I bought a EB3A for the days when we would be camping. We also plan on doing a few backpacking trips (meaning we leave things in the car for a few nights).

One of the the concerns I have is that the listed storage temperature for the product is -10-45℃ (14-113°F). After doing some research on the internet, it seems that on a warm sunny day, cars can easily reach 180-190F after a few hours.

Does anyone have tips on how to travel safely with the unit? I don’t want to damage the capacity and most certainly don’t want to set the car on fire. One option I am considering is throwing the unit in the cooler. We are using frozen water bottles at the base so there is no chance of flooding it. I am also thinking of putting a bag over it such that when taking it out condensation doesn’t form directly on the power bank.

Some of my concerns:

  • Could holding in a cooler for a few days pose a thread to the power bank? I’ve read temperatures in the cooler can be below freezing and can go down to as low as -18C. This is certainly lower than the storage temperature. I plan to restore it to room temperature before charging or discharging after storing.
  • Should I consider getting a fireproof shell as well? Maybe something like a Lipo storage back?

Anything else or any other risks I am not thinking of? Is there maybe a simpler solution to traveling with a power bank?

Thank you so much for reading and appreciate any advice on the matter!

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@bnedanov Welcome to the forum.
The following suggestions are for your reference:
Please do not put the machine in a cooler (-18°C is too low, 0°C is the critical point of the machine). You can acquire a fireproof enclosure, please avoid condensation into the machine.

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The 180- to 190 degrees inside the car sounds a little extreme

Where are you at? It can get hot in a car but not that hot! Maybe leave some gap in the windows? I won’t be too concerned if it is only for a few days and it is powered off. Hear degrades battery faster, but the effect is over time. 45C is bad if it is months on end, a few days shouldn’t matter much.

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I agree. I haven’t experimented personally, but basing this off posts I read on quora and reddit. Saunas usually are in the 180-200F range and cars do seem to get close to it if in the sun all day.

We are going to be in a number of states but the ones which are hot on the spectrum will be AZ, NM and UT. Thanks this is good to know!

Do you recommend a fire proof case for the battery (or other batteries we will be traveling with)? I am assuming you think the cooler idea is an overkill?

I bought my EB3A for the same sort of stuff. Staying overnight here and there while traveling in the minivan. I have kept it right in the middle of the van for about 2 weeks now. Temps are starting to rise, but I had no plans other than shading it, to keep it cooler than anything else. It sits between the seats and can be moved around. (It’s so light!)
If I have any issues I will be sure to report them.

That makes sense. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Not exactly the same thing, but relevant. I have a hybrid car with a battery pack behind the rear seat. It too has the same temperature warning. All I do is leave the windows cracked a tiny bit and park in the shade whenever there is an opportunity. Never had a problem. BTW - I live in Florida.

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