Right to repair

For Cars, Tools, Home appliances, etc. it’s still normal that customers are Abel to get repair / service manuals and spare parts especially for cars it would be outrageous if you could not repair them or change wear items.

Now we are at a point wear a solar power station Cost more then most home appliances like AC or Washing machine.
If i want a new pump or bearing for my Washing machine i can get it and repair it myself or bring it to a domestic service center.
Same for AC parts.

What about (Bluetti) Power stations?
They have wear parts that will inevitably brake like the battery’s. and some cost more then some cars.

Whats the strategy to service or repair them once they inevitably brake at some point?

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Hi @bernad
Bluetti always reapair the units that got broken within the warranty. That might sound like they dont want you to have the unit “forever” but i think its a good think that people dont experiment with powerstations and other products that may lead to serios inquries or death.

So for that point, i think they have a really good reason why you shouldnt repair it yourself.


Not always in some cases they just offer you a discount or partial refund.

And the repair is only possible if i send the unit back to them this might not be always possible (or economical.
See Service in Ukraine / Belarus for example.

What they “want” shuld be irrelevant since they sell the unit for ever and not Renting it out.

People Repair there Cars… (That are 2 tonn robots with MW level output power carting Gigajoules in chemical energy and operate them on public roads…)

Same For your AC / Furnace It has the potential to blow up your house if you do it wrong.
But still you can buy spare/replacement parts for it in the hardware store.

What i shuld or shuld not do for my owen safety shuld not up to a Chinese company.

They don’t seam to be very worried about customer safety if they make products you can connect to and change BMS firmware without authentication.
And if they don’t have public Firmware Change log so customers can see potential dangerous bugs.

A well known concept in the IT industry is there is no Security through obscurity.

If they would care about safety they would make documentation and ,service manuals and software public so third partys can do proper and save rapiers.
(like it is standard in the car industry for example)

This is for a 15k$ setup that you shuld relay on as your whole house power solution.

2 Years warranty?!
Can i then get a replacement fan?
Can i install it myself?

Is opening the device voiding the “10-year” warranty?

The WiFi module and fan are warranted for 2 years and can be removed and replaced at your own expense, and the EP800 main unit and battery pack are warranted for 10 years.
After the warranty period, if the WIFI module or fan is broken, contact BLUETTI customer service team to replace it at your own expense, which is convenient and affordable.

Hi @lambda

i kinda get your point that you want decide yourself what to do and what not. Maybe you have the right skills to do that, most dont have. Even “try” somthing to repair on the unit can be really dangerous, many of them dont even know about how dangerous it is to do experiments with batterys.

So i think you need to understand their side too. If someone try to repair thinks for themself and something happend, most point the finger to the Brand of the product and not on the person.

And if you see other brands like Jackery or Ecoflow, they do the same. So again, this is not a real point to only focus it on Bluetti as a brand.

A point where i would agree with you is open source or part open source firmware. Host it on github and let users fix easy bugs, translations, make recommendations. I think every company can profit from that.


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Most don’t have the Skill to repair other appliances or there car. So they can chooses third party on the free market.

This is not how it works with for example cars or any other device.

who can? I? a third party repair center?
What is the expense?
Were can it be replaced? at my home or do i have to send it to china? how long will i be in the dark?

Will this service be available in 5Years? in 10Years in 20Years?

If there is only one who can do maintenance then there is no free market.
its also not in the interest of the party to do maintenance economically.

Picture this:
You buy a truck with 10Year warranty but you can only ever Change the tyres at the Dealership.
to get the tyres change you have to send it to chain.
they are the only one making the tyres for it so they can make up any price they want.
they can stop offering this Service/repair at any moment.

This Would not only be ridiculous but also illegal in Europ and the US

All those other produts always tell you upfront that you will void the warranty if you start digging around in them. After the warranty ends, THEN you’re free to open it up and have at it.

Some youtube Bluetti reviews mention that when they take the covers off to show you what’s inside. Just taking the cover plates off is a no-no.


No its not.

This would be illegal