Right angle aviation plug, wired with 10 awg

Anyone know where to buy a ready-made right angle aviation plug, wired with about 2ft of wire? The standard Bluetti aviation plug for solar input sticks out a bit to far for me.

The plug is made by Weipu in China. Search their webpage online for that plug, but you have to find a supplier because Weipu only sells in large lots.

@philfr212 I have not been able to find a right angle aviation plug, so please let us know if you do! Cause that would be pretty awesome to have! haha

And as @Raymondjram mentioned, The AC200 uses a WEIPU SA20 2-pin plug, and both the male and female plugs can be found on amazon here…

Amazon has the right angle plug, but not made up prewired. I may have to find a friend that does good solder work.

@philfr212 You got a link to it by chance?? I’d love to pick one up!

Just checked. Amazon is male right angle - not female as required.

The PV input connector needs four pins, not just two. The AC300 has dual PV inputs.

2pin on AC 200max

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@Raymondjram is correct @philfr212 The Ac300 has the 4pin aviation input.

I guess I should’ve confirmed with you first, but the link I put up above, gives the option to purchase either the male OR the female 2pin WEIPU aviation plug, and is what I use for my OG AC200 unit. I actually purchased both so that I can use one (the male) for the 12v/25a RV output to wire directly to my dc fuse block, and then I have another (the female) that I have for my modified 12g 50ft extension cable for solar input.

I dont have the AC200Max tho @philfr212 so does that 2pin aviation plug have the threaded "dial" on it after inserting it? Or does it have the "pull-style" lock that gets it to stay into place? The one I linked and needed for the OG AC200 is the pull-style which is the SA20 model.

AC200Max has the ring lock. I found this on the Weipu websight -

Now to try and find a SP2116/S2

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@philfr212 Good call! Hey and not sure of this would work but I just found this on ebay…

The Weipu part needed is the SP21 2-16
Found it from an Amazon seller