Rich brand 100 watt solar panel free

Ordered 6 solar panels and can only use 5 so I have 1 panel to anyone interested free. Zip code 34142 probably not practical to ship one panel. Tom 813-965-2786

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Very generous offer Tom. Can you not use the panel due to space considerations or is it an under / over voltage or amperage issue? If mounting space is not the issue, which product are you using the panels with?

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I just do not have the place to mount it only can fit 5 on my small enclosed trailer.

Makes sense. You may want to keep it just as a back up in case one gets damaged or fails. Looks like we are in the same neck of the woods. I am up in the Lee County area.

Scott I am at the Florida Panther NWR I-75 and State Rd. 29 so 20 miles east of tool booth. I do not have room to store anything and am liquidating most of my stuff as everything I own must fit in vehicle or small trailer. If you know anyone interested in panel I can meet them in Naples as I travel there to buy food etc. every week or so.

I seen a van using 2 panels as an awning.
Part of his set up was to lift the panels that were on some henge system on the side of the van.

Panel attached to fold out panel.


Great idea and angle adjustable!

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